Did You Know Hemp Could Do This?: Fashion Edition




   What do Egyptians, Betsy Ross, Levi's, and Patagonia all have in common? They have all used hemp as an eco-friendly and durable textile at one time or another. Believe it or not, hemp has been used as a fiber for thousands of years, being found as far back as 8,000 B.C when the Egyptians used the fiber to make clothing. Fast forward a few thousand years and hemp was being used by Christopher Columbus to sail across the Atlantic as both ropes and sails. It may be even an even bigger surprise to find out that hemp has such a rich history in the Americas that the first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross was made from hemp.  


What's the big deal with hemp fabrics and why were so many people using it? It's because of the quality and performance properties that hemp has to offer. Out of all the natural fibers, hemp is one of the strongest and most durable fibers available, and it is one of the only fabrics that does not degrade over time with use and washing. But it's not just the durability of the fiber that makes it ideal, hemp also has a natural resistance to bacteria and mold, is UV resistant, and because of its porous nature and ability to breath, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.