Did You Know Hemp Could Do This?: Food Edition


   Raw, cooked, or roasted, how do you want your hemp seeds? Eat them how you want, where you want, or when you want, but make sure you eat them! But why? Well, along with being great in clothing, hemp also offers amazing nutritional properties for those who are feeling a little hungry. 

Tasting a little mild and nutty, hemp seeds or hemp hearts as they are often labeled, are packed with a lot of good stuff. Containing over 30% fat, the seeds are loaded with essential fatty acids, protein, vitamin E, iron, and zinc. There is no denying that hemp is a super food. In fact, more and more people are starting to add hemp seeds onto their salads, shakes, and meals to add the high-quality protein that hemp has to offer.  

 If you are wanting to find out more about the old super food that is making a comeback around the world, swing by our friends at Ananda Food, to learn more about the benefits of adding hemp to your diet.