Smart and functional fabrics


All of Hemp Black technologies are applicable in the textile and fashion industry. From conductive capabilities, making smart and functional fabrics a thing of the present, to an anti-bacterial kill providing a healthier and safer textile, the applications of our technologies are boundless. With built in sanitary and anti-odor elements, our fabrics and fibers are ideal for thermal regulating athletic apparel, gear such as gym bags and shoes, everyday apparel and leather goods.

Supporting Those Who Serve and Protect


Hemp Black Origin, Hemp Black Element, Hemp Black Fusion, and Hemp Black Nano technologies can be integrated into protective textiles to benefit the wearer. Anti-bacterial and bio-repellant by design, our fibers provide safe and healthy gear, such as boots, vests and wound care options for service members while in action. Connected devices can also be implemented throughout the uniforms and our textiles can improve comfort and feel.

Prescribed fibers


Sanitary medical garments and interiors are provided by Hemp Black Origin, Hemp Back Element, Hemp Black Nano and Hemp Black Fusion. From a fast-paced Emergency Room, to an everyday doctor's office, Hemp Black technology can bring health safety to patients and medical staff. Hemp’s natural properties, combined with Hemp Black’s processes, reinforce traditional textiles to be anti-bacterial, bio-repellant, anti-static and conductive. These functional fibers can be applied to curtain dividers, wound care supplies, scrubs, bedding and more.

The Perfect Formula


Using Hemp Black Element and Hemp Black Nano, self-cleaning, mold resistant and stress reducing benefits are integrated into a wide variety of beauty products. Hemp Black’s natural, hemp derived ingredients, are blended with trusted formulas to deliver sustainable and healthy cosmetics. Lotions and potions designed with full spectrum hemp extract, anti-microbial makeup applicators, and oil infused face masks enhance any self-care routine.

Building a better world


Utilizing the most serviceable features that Hemp Black technologies have to offer, everyday products are naturally improved. From purification to thermal regulation, textiles that can be enhanced include furniture, composites, building materials, and flooring. With safety and sustainability in mind, our durable materials are anti-static, bio-repellant, mold resistant, water-proof and wind-proof.

Elements are tough, Hemp Black is tougher


Utilizing one of nature’s most durable and healthy crops, Hemp Black Origin, Hemp Black Nano, Hemp Black Element and Hemp Black Fusion elevate hemp’s natural properties. Built to protect users from wind, water, insects, mold, and UV rays, Hemp Black fibers and films are optimal for technical outdoor gear and apparel. High performance rain wear, tents, tarps, furniture and accessories are just a few of the many outdoor textiles that our technology can enhance.