Where others see a problem,
we see an opportunity

Current industry processes demonstrate a linear economy which boasts, “Take, Make, and Waste.” This problematic system has led to a new way of thinking which challenges today's standards. We are pairing our technological advancements with the sustainable DNA of hemp to forge a new “cleaner and greener” circular textile industry.

Our Values


Using Preferred Materials for Positive Outcomes

Hemp Black is committed to using ‘clean inputs’ in our supply chain to create materials that have minimal impacts on people and the planet. We choose materials and chemicals that optimize how an item will feel and perform, while keeping in mind its impact on the surrounding community and environment.


A Traceable and Transparent Supply Chain

We believe that every company should have a traceable and transparent supply chain they can stand by. At Hemp Black we value our commitment to our stakeholders who hold us accountable in each step of our process as we deliver services.  We work hard to ensure that our partners are the best in the world and for the world.  


Nourishing Our Human Ecosystem

We see the community as our ecosystem; we depend on it to support, challenge and inspire us. Because of the value that our community offers, we believe it is only right for us to serve them, the same way they serve us.


Creating a Closed System

At Hemp Black we believe that there is no such thing as waste, only missed opportunity for innovation. We strive to design our products and systems to maintain the value of a material throughout its entire lifecycle.


Sustainability on Tap

We understand the value and importance of water and always consider our impact on this vital resource with every decision. We strive to implement best practices to reduce consumption, remove contaminates, and restore quality.


Neutralizing our Carbon Footprint

At Hemp Black we see commitment to climate action as a non-negotiable requirement. It is in our mission to benefit people and better the planet. Neutralizing our carbon footprint is paramount to that promise.







Hemp Black has targeted 10 of the 17 development goals as being key areas of focus.

As a lifestyle brand, Hemp Black aims to leave customers of all ages in better health than ever before. Through values such as the use of natural materials and the creation of holistic content, Hemp Black creates an inclusive space promoting the development and sustainment of a healthy lifestyle.

Working together with research institutions, industry veterans, and consumers, Hemp Black is helping to share educational resources that are transparent about hemp and sustainable fashion.  

Hemp’s inherently eco-friendly attributes means that no chemical pesticides or herbicides are needed in its growing process, thereby creating no water pollution. Using ⅓ the amount of water required by cotton, hemp requires little irrigation, with most water coming from rainfall, resulting in increased water efficiency. 

By employing student workers, Hemp Black offers compensation in stipends and tuition remission, offers jobs after graduation, and gives students professional work experience. Furthermore, by providing jobs in Kentucky and by domesticating most of our operations, Hemp Black is able to contribute to America’s local economy. 

Working towards a “cleaner and greener”global textile and fashion industry, Hemp Black pairs technological advancements and research with the sustainable DNA of hemp to create innovative change in the hemp industry.   

With the help of the fast growing and renewable hemp crop and a carbon negative production process, Hemp Black can deliver sustainable production and consumption processes that support the advancement of sustainable management and promote the efficient use of natural resources. 

Through sustainable solutions and ideas, Hemp Black ensures that we leave a minimal carbon footprint while helping to combat climate change. With the sequestration of over 1.5 tons of CO2 per ton of hemp harvested to the domestic localization of operations, Hemp Black aims to improve the world through carbon negativity.

We reduce our environmental impact from waterway pollution and microfiber shedding through our commitment to bettering our process and materials while utilizing hemps natural sustainability attributes.

Through our use of a rapidly renewable, high yielding crop, the use of hemp allows for more material to be produced with less of an impact. Of the land that hemp does use, it helps to restore the biodiversity of the soil by returning up to 70% of the nutrients back into the ground.

To further the advancement of our goals and to promote the importance of sustainable business practices, Hemp Black creates meaningful and impactful relationships. This is achieved across multiple industries and in our own supply chain with partners who share a similar vision in creating a sustainable future for all.