Our Approach

We invent technologies to benefit people and the world

From the design of our products, to how we interact with our community and the way in which we operate, all our actions thoughtfully move us closer to reaching our goal – to Wear Better.

These six sustainability pillars guide us on our journey and act as our measure of success.

rolls of thread rolls of thread

Clean Inputs

We choose 'clean' materials and chemicals that optimize how an item will feel and perform, while keeping in mind its impact on the surrounding community and environment.

Honest Sourcing

We believe in a transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chain, from our Hemp fields to you, and we expect our stakeholders to hold us accountable for that.

Person with plants Person with plants

Commitment to Community

We depend on our community to support, challenge and inspire us. We believe it is only right for us to serve them the same way that they serve us.

material material

Waste not,
want not

We believe that there is no such thing as waste, only missed opportunity for innovation. We design our products to maintain their value throughout their entire lifecycle.

water water

Water Conservation

Growing Hemp requires much less water than cotton, and its anti-odor properties reduce the need to wash garments in between wears – saving water, energy and the environment.

Carbon Zero

Our commitment to climate action is non-negotiable. Our mission is to benefit people and better the planet, neutralizing our carbon footprint is paramount to that promise.

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