Fusion Flex Gaiter

Fusion Flex Gaiter

Our easy-on, easy-off design is the perfect face covering for those who seek protection, comfort and versatility. No more worrying about where to set down your mask when you get in your car or digging in your bag when it’s time to put it back on. Wearing a face cover is made simple with the fusion / FLEX GAITER.


Designed to flex to your needs, the fusion / FLEX GAITER enhances your performance and comfort all day long - from running a marathon to running errands. Wear as a face cover, neck gaiter, headband, balaclava and more.

Reusable and machine washable

Seamless fit for comfort

Made with zero waste

Designed, engineered and 100% made in the USA

HEMP BLACKTM / element fibers harness the power of odor eliminating hemp

Antimicrobial copper technology

Strategically engineered for protection through multilayer 3D knitting

UPF 50+ sun protection

Exterior: Copper infused Nylon, Spandex

Interior: HEMP BLACKTM / element (Nylon / hemp extract blend), Spandex


Care Instructions:

Wash cold

Gentle cycle

Tumble dry low

No Bleach, chlorine, or fabric softeners

What is / fusion technology?

HEMP BLACK / fusion is the strategic integration of two innovative performance yarns knit into one fabric. Antimicrobial copper embedded fibers and odor eliminating hemp infused fibers (HEMP BLACK / element) work in synergy to keep you feeling safe and fresh.


Is copper safe?

Copper is a necessary nutrient that naturally occurs in the environment in rocks, soil, air, and water. Copper is also involved in enzymes for digestion, protein metabolism, and in healing processes necessary for proper bone formation and maintenance. In fact, Copper is one of the nine minerals that are recognized as essential nutrients for humans. This means that the trace amounts of copper that your skin may absorb from our fabric could have various health benefits.


Will the technology wash out?

Our Hemp Black technology is infused into the product during the manufacturing process and will last for the lifetime of your product.


What does the copper do versus the element yarn?

This material contains Cupron Copper Oxide which provides bacteriostatic and fungistatic protection to the final articles identified on this label. Our copper fiber works hard to keep your items clean and safe. HEMP BLACK / element fibers are strategically engineered with hemp extract to eliminate odors and keep the garment (and your essentials) fresh all day long.

Does this mask prevent me from getting COVID-19?

Face coverings are not necessarily intended to protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to others. This would be especially important if someone is infected but does not have symptoms.


How often should I wash this mask?

The CDC recommends washing routinely depending on frequency of use.


Is this mask more sustainable than others?

The Hemp Black fusion / FLEX GAITER is seamlessly knit with technology that produces zero waste. Designed, engineered and 100% made in the USA, this mask is more durable and sustainable than other options.

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