A strategically-engineered, adaptive and odor-eliminating fiber infused with hemp.

Our patented process utilizes advanced seed genetics and certified growing farms in the United States to produce our proprietary hemp.

This is fused with sustainable polymers, such as recycled nylon or recycled polyester, creating new, exclusive material technology: HEMP BLACK / element.

It delivers odor-eliminating performance, resulting in fewer washes, saving water, energy and time.

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A conductive, organic, bio-based activated carbon black produced from the carbon-rich stalk of the hemp plant.

The stalk (hurd) of our hemp undergoes our patented process, where it is carbonized at extremely high temperatures.

The resultant organic, activated carbon, is called HEMP BLACK / eco6. It’s the first carbon black product to be awarded a Platinum Level Material Health Certificate from Cradle to Cradle, and is optimized for human and environmental health.

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This is a sustainable, water-based black ink derived from HEMP BLACK / eco6.

By replacing carbon black, the traditionally-used pigment in black ink, we eliminate petroleum and potentially dangerous fumes, protecting our water and our workers. HEMP BLACK / ink is an advanced printing solution that offers odor neutralization, conductivity and ultraviolet light protection.


A sustainable, synthetic leather, produced with green bottle yarn and hemp.

HEMP BLACK / hide is our eco-conscious alternative to leather that’s produced with 90% less energy and 80% less solvents than conventional synthetic leather and backed by REPREVE® performance fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.

For every square yard of HEMP BLACK / hide, we recover 11 green plastic bottles that may have never been recycled.



An advanced, electro-spun film fiber fabricated with a blend of hemp and essential oils.

Our proprietary hemp, in combination with specific essential oils, provides unique odor-neutralizing and insect-repellent properties.

These exclusive blends are electro-spun into an advanced film fiber capable of various degrees of porosity, known as HEMP BLACK / nano, which can be bonded to other materials, providing engineered shelter from wind and water.

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