US Supply Chain

Hemp Black provides high performance, differentiated products with the operational advantage of a sustainable local supply chain.

Designed, Engineered + Made in the USA

Fabrics and final products manufactured by Hemp Black using our own or purchased yarns have the advantage of a highly sustainable, US based supply chain and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Our US Supply Chain provides key benefits including:

+ Product travels less than 1,000 miles 'compared to 30,000' for similar imported garments

+ Rapid replenishment and small batches support agile inventory management

+ No dependence on China or overseas supply means less risk and more predictability

Seamless Supply Chain Process
North Carolina Facility

Greensboro, NC Facility


+ ISO 9001:2015 Hemp Black Biomedical, LLC

+ ISO 9001:2015 Hemp Black Polymers, LLC

Georgetown, KY Facility


+ Platinum LEED Certified

+ CGMP Compliant

Kentucky Facility
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