We believe in a transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chain - from our hemp fields to you - and we expect to be held accountable to that commitment.

We deliver on our commitments via three key principles

We are committed to using clean inputs in our supply chain. We choose materials and chemistry that optimize how an item will feel and perform while keeping in mind its influence on the surrounding community and environment. A patented process fuses our full spectrum American hemp with advanced sustainable polymers such as recycled polyester and nylon.

Every year, the Yarn Industry uses more than 21 trillion gallons of water to meet the needs of 5 million people. Our yarns are solution dyed, which means no wasted water and colors that won’t bleed. 3D knitting, whether on Stoll or Santoni equipment, has the benefit of producing on demand with our existing solution dyed yarns. This results in better inventory management of finished garments and ultimately less waste in our supply chain. For sustainability and efficiency, we strive for zero waste production wherever possible, and any minimal scrap material is recycled.

It is our mission to benefit people and better the world; Our hope is to neutralize our carbon footprint. The Demand for a reduced carbon footprint through biobased innovations in everyday commercial goods is increasing; it is now mandated in the U.S. government procurement and a marker for global industrial trends. Carbon reduction goals encourage natural materials to replace petroleum- based inputs throughout all types of manufacturing. We aim to reduce our environmental carbon footprint with responsible farming, sustainable production, and products. The goal is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and support a more balanced carbon cycle, from our hemp fields to you.

Access our parent company's Annual Sustainability Report for more information.

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