Ability High-Rise Tight 25"

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From your morning flow to your daily errands, these high-rise tights keep you moving freely with a reinforced waistband that sculpts, stays put, and won't slide down. With a super soft, brushed base fabric and side pocket that keeps your essentials clean and secure, distractions are minimized, and comfort is maximized.


HEMP BLACK TM / fusion lined compression fit high-rise waist for ultimate support

/ fusion lined side pocket keeps essentials clean and secure

7/8 length, 25” inseam

High-rise waist

Double layered inseam gusset

Flatlock construction for comfort

Hand crafted in the USA

HEMP BLACKTM / fusion technology reduces bacteria and eliminates odors

Super soft, brushed base fabric

360° stretch

Moisture-wicking and breathable

UPF 50+ sun protection


HEMP BLACKTM / element (nylon/hemp extract blend)

Cupron Nylon (nylon/copper blend)








Care Instructions:

Wash Cold

No Bleach

Lay Flat

No Iron

No Dry Cleaning

Ability High Rise Pant
Ability High Rise Pant

Engineered With

The fabric combines the embedded technologies of antimicrobial copper and our odor eliminating hemp extract to give you peace of mind - no matter what the day throws at you.


Ability High Rise Pant
Ability High Rise Pant


The / fusion Technology Inside the Ability Pant


Ability High Rise Pant

What is / fusion technology?

HEMP BLACK / fusion is the strategic integration of two innovative performance yarns knit into one fabric. Antimicrobial copper embedded fibers and odor eliminating hemp infused fibers (HEMP BLACK / element) work in synergy to keep you feeling safe and fresh.

How did you select where to put the technology?

With a focus on explorative design, our team set out to create garments with strategically placed technology. Given today’s current health landscape, we meticulously selected areas of our garments that frequently come in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces to both act as a barrier and keep your personal items clean.

Will it really clean my phone?

HEMP BLACK / fusion technology is produced with EPA certified copper-infused fibers. This antimicrobial fiber works with HEMP BLACK / element to reduce a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces it comes in contact with and keep items clean. You can learn more on our blog where we outline how we put this to the test using our own filthy phones.

What about other items in my pockets?

Our fabric doesn’t discriminate between pocket items. If you place it in your pocket, rest assured that HEMP BLACK / fusion is hard at work keeping your items clean and secure.

Is copper safe?

Copper is a necessary nutrient that naturally occurs in the environment in rocks, soil, air, and water. Copper is also involved in enzymes for digestion, protein metabolism, and in healing processes necessary for proper bone formation and maintenance. In fact, Copper is one of the nine minerals that are recognized as essential nutrients for humans. This means that the trace amounts of copper that your skin may absorb from our fabric could have various health benefits.

Will the technology wash out?

Our Hemp Black technology is infused into the product during the manufacturing process and will last for the lifetime of your product.

What does the copper do versus the element yarn?

This material contains Cupron Copper Oxide which provides bacteriostatic and fungistatic protection to the final articles identified on this label. Our copper fiber works hard to keep your items clean and safe. HEMP BLACK / element fibers are strategically engineered with hemp extract to eliminate odors and keep the garment (and your essentials) fresh all day long.


This material contains Cupron Cuprous Oxide which provides bacteristatic and fungistatic protection to the final articles identified.

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