HEMP BLACK / fusion

Cutting-edge antimicrobial hemp + copper technology works in harmony to keep you fresh, functional, and fashionable - no matter where the day finds you.



Hemp Black - Made in the USA


With built-in disinfectant cuffs, the Fairmont & Belmont Jackets grant you freedom to go everywhere & do anything - with confidence and class.



The HEMP BLACK / fusion Collection

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HEMP BLACK / fusion Technology

Patented technology engineered for comfort, efficacy, and protection.


Hemp Black Antimicrobial Technology


Hemp Black Odor Eliminating Technology


Hemp Black Moisture Wicking Technology


Hemp Black 360 Degree Stretch Technology

360° Stretch

Hemp Black Odor Eliminating Technology
Hemp Black Odor Eliminating Technology


Function. Fashion. Freedom.

Antimicrobial technology that works just as hard as you.


Effortless + Effective

Nearly 50% of smartphones harbor potentially deadly microbes.


HEMP BLACK / fusion pocket technology sanitizes with radical efficacy.


Set It + Forget It x 20 Minutes = 99.9% Sanitized Smartphones.


That's peace of mind, in your pocket.





We swabbed three phones with sterile cotton (to achieve baseline colonization) and transferred each swab to a clean agar plate. We then pocketed each phone for 20 minutes in three different materials and repeated the procedure. The three pocket materials used were:


1.) Control: 100% cotton (washed)

2.) HB / F Black: Cupron copper inside - HEMP BLACK / element outside

3.) HB / F Blue: HEMP BLACK / element inside - Cupron copper outside


  1. We allowed the plates to incubate for five days, with the laboratory at 82°F and 70% room humidity.


  1. The Control Phone (kept in the regular cotton pocket) continued to grow more bacteria after 20 minutes (compared to baseline).
  3. The Experimental Phones (kept in Hemp Black pockets) grew considerably fewer bacteria on the agar after 20 minutes (compared to baseline).

Experience the self-cleaning apparel revolution.

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