Think negative

Carbon black is a problem,
and it's everywhere.

For over 150 years, crude oil has been burned to create 'carbon black', the black pigment used in virtually everything from tires to shoes, fabrics to cosmetics, from inks to personal electronics.

This crude and polluting process is still used to color and pigment billions of products
because there isn't a sustainable alternative...

Until now.

Hemp black to the future.

/eco6 is a patented direct replacement for petroleum-based carbon black. Instead of burning oil, we utilize industrial hemp that sequesters carbon 10x more efficiently than forests.

The carbon footprint of billions of products can be reduced by simply replacing petroleum-based carbon black with /eco6. /eco6TMis a USDA certified Biobased Product.

Carbon Black


Be a carbon negative force for good.

We are part of a shared global mission to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Whether you are a consumer, an investor or a manufacturer, we can make the world better together.

Let's talk.

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