Transparency is a good thing

When it comes to supply chains, that is. Leggings? Not so much.

Truly sustainable performance and style

Meet the designer

Galit Wexler, Hemp Black Designer

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Meet the designer

Galit Wexler, Hemp Black Designer

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Find the perfect fit

We've gone to great lengths - three of them to be exact - to make sure our leggings look and feel custom tailored to your unique body.

Make an impact

The activewear you choose makes an impact on yourself and on the world. The Hemp Black Impact Collection is the product of a vertically integrated manufacturing process. That means we control it. All of it. Our solution-dyed fabrics use 90% less water than traditional coloring process. And, unlike cut-and-sew methods, our advanced 3D knitting is virtually wasteless.

What's important

Long story short, we take recycled polymers and materials, combine them with American Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, and give them new life as high-performance, odor-eliminating activewear.

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What makes our Activewear unique?

While most activewear uses the same fabric throughout, our seamless technology allows us to adjust tension and design details, stitch by stitch. Throughout the process, we utilize advanced 3D knit selection and rib structuring to offer more support and compression where customers need it most.

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Less Water*


Fewer Miles*


Made in USA*

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Fashion fast. Not fast fashion.

Bringing responsible, sustainable textile innovations from idea to finished products requires complete control over the supply chain. So that's what we have. We’re committed to utilizing local suppliers, supporting local businesses and keeping carbon emissions down.

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Designing the future

Hemp Black activewear is the result of a conscious production process that brings together some of the industry's foremost experts. From creative design to cutting-edge manufacturing, our products are driven by science and enhanced with art to keep you looking and performing your best.

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